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Kurogane Kasei is more than a supplier of materials such as electronic materials and intermediates for the pharmaceutical and agricultural chemical fields. The core of our work is development contracting, working with our customers from the research and development stage of new products to ensure that those products meet our customers' requirements for specifications, quality and cost. The possibilities of materials are endless, and our role as a supporting partner in your development work is to turn those materials into products that provide a high degree of added value in cutting-edge fields.

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We have built a framework enabling us to develop products that won't let your company down in its endeavors, including the latest analysis instruments. These can manage extremely small concentrations at ppt (10⁻¹²) level, contributing to the development of cutting-edge electronic materials. Going forward, we will do our utmost to make the adaptations needed to become an even better company, while still maintaining the strong communication and quick decision-making that Kurogane Kasei is renowned for.

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